Progress comes when we listen better—to communities, colleagues and our own creativity. At 3 Bridges, we develop strategies with mission-driven organizations to align their vision for change with the communities they serve and strengthen the bridges between missions and tools, between plans and teams.

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Building dialogue and cooperation between tech companies and civil rights groups

Arnold Ventures

Promoting improved decision-making in the criminal legal system

The World Bank      

Visualizing how money moves from companies and aid groups to governments and citizens

Open Contracting Partnership

Defining strategy for a new organization at the forefront of the global fight on corruption

Natural Resource Governance Institute

Setting new standards for digital communications in oil and mining transparency

Transparency and Accountability Initiative

Bridging the gap between opengov experts and digital tools

Open Society Foundations

Changing how grant-making helps NGOs go digital

American Civil Liberties Union

Creating institutional collaboration to bring the fight for civil liberties online

The New York Times

Building online community, public discussion and new approaches to journalism