Web strategist and implementation lead for cutting edge media campaign that combined grassroots storytelling and micro-targeted television ads in battleground states.

During 2016 and 2012, Local Voices, a collective of award-winning filmmakers, traveled to Ohio, Florida and other swing states seeking stories from working Americans. In 2016, our focus was centrists and lifelong Republicans who refused to vote for Donald Trump, while in 2012 the focus was middle- and working class Obama voters. The result was a series of deeply personal, documentary-quality TV spots—created in the belief that “positive, honest voices expressed the stakes of the election better than any attack ad, stump speech or talking head.”

To execute a digital strategy in the closing weeks of the 2012 election, I streamlined priorities for communications and online outreach and rallied teammates, filmmakers and designers across the U.S. to launch tools for viewing and sharing ads, as well as a fundraising system for grassroots donations and a county map to illustrate our tactical ad buys.

In 2012, Barack Obama won five of the six states where Local Voices ran ads and these highly targeted ads made a critical difference, especially in Florida where the margins were extremely tight.

It’s a breathtaking example of how a smart campaign strategy is not a narrow digital strategy but a tactical collaboration between older media—in this case video and television—smart data tools, current events and local voices.