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There's an article by me in the latest newsletter from the Citizen Services office of the General Service Administration. The issue is devoted questions of citizen participation in governance. I had the chance to interview some personal heroes of participatory culture, including Eben Moglen, a crystalline communicator and evangelist for the end of information ownership; Brian Reich, a guru of change-means-change and not just cool tools; and Beth Noveck, author of Wiki Government and, more importantly, keeper of the Open Government initiative at the White House.

The architect who won the highly-publicized contest to design a rebuilt World Trade Center and the architect hired by the site's developer have apparently agreed on a plan for the site's 1,776 foot tower.

The "Freedom Tower" plan by Daniel Libeskind was chosen by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation as "the design concept" for the site, while David M. Childs heads the team retained by developer Larry Silverstein, who took over the commercial space on the WTC property the summer before the 9/11 attacks.