Yearly Archives 2006

At the Online Communities meeting in Sonoma I finally met Alexandra Samuel in person - even though we collaborated on a paper four years ago. I got to talking with her and with Corrie Frasier from the Gates Foundation about the challenges of integrating (and integrat-ED) web strategy at a large organization. At Alexandra's invitation, the conversation turned into a podcast that we recorded a few weeks later for Social Signal.

In New York Magazine, Adam Sternbergh nails the strange climate of culture-shift around the decline of network news - along with the anatomy of its irrelevance and this comment re. Couric: "And it must be said: The raccoon eye makeup is startling. (Hey, if it were a man wearing it, I’d remark on it as well. Probably more so.)" The dynamics of change-or-die in his closing grafs could easily be applied to institutional culture in lots of other areas. The nightly news is stuck in a classic death spiral: afraid to alienate aged viewers but not converting any new ones. The form is petrified; haunted by the ghosts of Jennings, Brokaw, and Rather and, of course, the chain-clanking Cronkite. Trouble is, a generation from now, no one’s going to be haunted by the ghosts of Gibson, Couric, and Williams. ... Do network newscasts know why they exist? When asked what…