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... maybe it's you that looks back. This is what Thomas Vander Wal seems to be saying as I type this sitting on the floor at the back of a session called How to Leverage Solipsism. Among the mind-grabbing threads he's wrapping at a knitter's pace around the room are questions of portability and ubiquity of information, and the related, if unwieldily-termed issue of "refindability." If we do have a "personal info cloud" around us - like Pig Pen with a PDA? - then which parts of this info do we want at our fingertips and what devices and protocols can we we use to get at it fast. Vander Wal did a quick audience poll on who had ever emailed info to themselves just to keep track of it. Haven't you? How'd he know that I'd cut and paste the South By Southwest registration location into an email last…

A really great thread on local and regional blogs has emerged at Especially great showing from Minnesota, Washington state, and DuPage County, Illinois. Based on the posts in that thread, however, there isn't a rich national repository of blocal blogs yet.