Yearly Archives 2004

One NYC Democrat has a simple web-savvy answer to the results of the election. Thanks to Betty for the link. UPDATE: *arrggh* they removed it. It was an invitation to meet up and fight, mano a mano, from an embittered local Dem to any Bush supporter willing to put up his dukes.

Okay, this isn't about polling or the fate of the White House, but about what happens after the election ... Talking with me today, Mike Weiksner made a profound cautionary point about how the U.S. and the non-Arab world could engage the Arab community and Islamic fundamentalism in particular: We must not forfeit the war of ideas being fought against the U.S. by Islamic fundamentalists and in statements like the bin Laden message of last week. Thinking about the work of Dan Yankelovich - and in particular a presentation he made for Public Agenda earlier this year - I said that we ought to keep in mind the difference between negotiating with terrorists and assassinating their ideologies. The first is unacceptable, the second is a vital part of any real war against terrorism. Before the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. and others were living by policies that helped provoke the attacks.…

This week, Zogby and Rock the Vote are planning to launch a first-of-its kind partnership to reach Gen-Y voters in a wireless poll. They'll apparently poll a sample of Rock the Vote's 100K wireless subscribers.